History of Christ Presbyterian Church (PCA)

Christ Presbyterian Church began as a mission church of the Enon Valley Bible Presbyterian Church (Reformed Presbyterian Church Evangelical Synod) in 1967. Enon Valley Church believed that there was a need for an RPCES body in the Chippewa Area. Chippewa was a growing suburb of Beaver Falls and a number of families were driving from Chippewa and South Beaver Township to worship at the Enon Valley Church.

Four elders were chosen to go to Chippewa and plant a church there. They were Dr. Nelson Kennedy, Paul Moore, Ray Smith, and Roy Veon. Worship began in the old Chippewa Fire Hall and was later moved to the Chippewa Grange. In 1969, six and a half acres were purchased in South Beaver Township on Blackhawk Road and a brick structure was erected. Total cost: $70,000.

Since 1967, Christ Church has only had three Pastors. Rev. Conrad Sauer served until 1969 as the original planting Pastor; in 1970 the congregation called the Reverend Richard Rowe to serve as their second Pastor. He served for thirteen years. In 1984, the congregation called the Rev. Larry R. Elenbaum, who is the current Pastor.